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- Preserving History -



CIRCA 1914

The Boeckling Club was constructed in 1914 as a personal home for Mr. George Boeckling and his sister Elisabeth. George was well known in the community as a local entrepreneur who converted an unknown bathing beach and picnic grounds into a famous amusement park that we all know today as Cedar Point. George Boeckling showcased his fascination with amusement parks when designing his home with Cleveland architect W.H. Hodges in the early 20th century. The original drawings of the home are still featured today in The Boeckling Club and illustrate the amusement park architectural style.  

After George's death in 1931, Elisabeth continued to reside in the home until it was sold to the Sandusky Knights of Columbus in 1945 who utilized it as a clubhouse and rental hall until 2014. It was then sold to Thomas Bodner, a member of the Knights of Columbus and a local architect in Sandusky, Ohio. Thomas has since placed all his focus on preserving the history and charm of The Boeckling Club for the community to enjoy.